Amazon Interview Coach

250k watch my YouTube videos each month and some ask me to help them with their Amazon1 Interview.


The 14 Leadership Principles

I made this diagram in 2017, while researching about leadership principles at leading businesses. It is the most popular diagram about Amazon's Principles.

1 myCoaching “philosophy”
3  {
4    "Telephone Screening Prep": {
5      "most commonly asked questions",
6      "with STAR answers",
7    }
8    "Loop": {
9      "stories": "two for each Leadership Principle",
10     "concise answers": "clariy", "metrics"
10     "role-play": "50% of the prep",
11   }
12   "Scenarios": { 
14     "failure stories": "focus on the learnings",
14     "bar raiser": "stay cool",
15   }
16  }
the service

Quick tip: how do you prepare?

Invest at least 50% of your time into role-play. Examples of behavioral questions are plenty, so is advice on how to answer them.

Most common mistake?

Confirmation bias. When you prepare without prior experience in behavioral interviewing, with little or no feedback, and you think you're doing great.


“I want to say thank you so much for the videos about Amazon interview preps! I was preparing my onsite interview for Amazon and bumped into your videos which was super insightful! All the advice and suggestion was so insightful which helped me to nail the onsite interview and eventually got the offer from Amazon! ”

Jocelyn Xiao, New York

Inside the machine

Role-play. Training program with well researched content, tips and tricks for both junior and senior roles. Strategies to help you drive the conversation and mistakes to avoid.

Insight. Analyzed 20000+ feedbacks about the Amazon Interview for frequently asked questions and other interesting patterns during interviews by role, location and core competencies.

Guidance. I can help you to communicate using the 14 Leadership Principles and provide you with sample answers tailored to your role and for each of the 14 Leadership Principles.


Based on my own research and feedback from successful candidates.

One-on-one coaching

One coaching session, tailored to your specific needs, the role that you are applying for and your CV.

  • Who is this for? You are
    1. getting ready for a phone interview
    2. considering a multi-hour training program
    3. looking for feedback on your answers
    4. searching for someone to role-play with
    5. looking to understand why you were rejected
  • How does it work? We'll do a one hour Q&A / role-play session. Prior to that, I will review your CV for strengths and weaknesses and the job description for core competencies.
One-on-one video coaching

The number one regret candidates have after the loop is they could have better tuned up their behavioral interviewing skills.

  • Who is this for? Candidates preparing for the loop.
  • How does it work? I will provide you with research backed training materials, such as tailored questions for each principle, tips and tricks, ideas of questions for them; then we'll focus on role-play.
  • Included is support by email and reactive feedback on your answers through Google Docs.
One-on-one video coaching

Do you really want to become good at behavioral interviewing? The training includes advice on how to prepare, support by email & phone with a generous amout of role-play.

  • Who is this for? Candidates preparing for the loop who want to make the most of their time invested in the process.
  • How does it work? We'll find the best approach to prepare for your role and then I'll provide you with content to help you prepare; advanced tricks about behavioral interviewing.
  • Special content and support.
Training Program

100 minute video where I explain all there is to know about answering behavioral questions for a telephonic interview with Amazon, when you don't have a month to prepare.

  • Who is this for? Mid-senior level roles.
  • How does it work? Three sections:
    1. Amazon's 16 Leadership Principles, with examples of questions for each
    2. 10 types of questions (behavioral and general) - 32 examples - 70 min
    3. Tips and tricks - 15 min

    Text version and more (40pages). Updated with the 2 new principles. 2 months access.
Role Play

Onlie service to help you find someone to role-play with for your upcoming onsite or telephonic interview. Get started in seconds - no password required.

  • Who is this for? Candidates preparing for the behavioral part of an interview.
  • How does it work? Straightforward:
    1. Signup with your Google Account
    2. Publish your role-play request
    3. Contact other candidates

    This service is to be used exclusively by candidates looking for other candidates to role-play with.